We’ve been waiting for so long to finally meet you

And now that you’re here we’re just.... happy 

Before we can get down to business let's get to know each other a bit better

So will you take a little “scrolling down journey” with us, partner?

It will only take a few minutes , we’re pinky promess

Why partners?- or as we like to say- if the glove don't fit the hand maybe you shouldn't go skiing

We dont sell a product. This is not a website where you see a nice shirt and you order the exact same one. Every video we make is unique and made from scratch, costume made for your needs.

Whether it's a low or a high budget project, we begin with an empty canvas and fill it up with beautiful colors and love. Customers pay for a product. partners go on a journey.

We will work together and figure out how to spread your message with the right creative and budget. As much as we like to get a ton of work, if we don't see “eye to eye”, the creative part will not work. Good creativity is made with love and respect for each other. After one project together we can see if the match worked and believe us, if it's good, you will have a partner for life.

Why make it awesome? Cause nice is for Losers

Let's be frank for a moment shall we? There are a lot of video production solutions out there. Most of them do the same things. The difference is the way they do it. If you will give the same brief to ten different studios, you will get ten different results. That's because everyone's mind works a bit differently. Some results you will like better and some you will like less. What will make the end result awesome is the connection you have with your partner. We see every job offer as a first date with the potential for a marriage. We want to know all about you and what makes you special. We will invest the budget in bringing the right professional for the job. And most importantly we will build the foundation for a successful relationship. A partnership that will make our next projects- easy and awesome. 

Who am I?- we said partners, so let go a bit deeper

My name is Amit Schwachter. I began working in the animation industry twelve year ago. After working on hundreds of different projects like- TV commercials, TV series, music clips and corporate videos I decided to take a journey of my own. I have a great passion for what I do.

My goal is to bring that passion into every project I take. I Direct and Produce videos together with a team of freelancers. Each one of them is selected for each unique project by his/her special skills. Together we bring that extra awesomeness into every new challenge we accept. 

Now we can talk business

We see tech companies and startups as our main partners because we have a lot in common. Every morning we wake up looking for new challenges and exciting projects. Failure is part of the process and we want to learn and make it better each time.

We can help your company with:

  • Video commercial

  • Product video

  • Study Case

  • recruitment video

  • “How cool are we” video

And much more


It's hard to trust a new partner and we understand it. Like we said before we’re looking for the long run. We want to give you the best result with the budget you have. give us a chance to tell your story.


Now, let's talk, shall we?


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