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I see you baby, SHAKIN’ UP the tech world!

You clever cookie. You hip, young thing. You technology wizard, you. 


But how’s about we shake things up a bit more? Sharpen your messaging. Make some eye-catching, client-catching videos. Make your brand grow.


Wouldn’t that be … AWESOME?


But before we get down to business, let’s get to know each other a bit better, shall we? Tell each other what makes us tick. See if we click. 


We’ll talk about you. Talk about me. And talk about all the crazy things we can do together. 

(Not THOSE crazy things, cheeky.)


Alright. Are you ready to go on a journey? Just keep on scrollin’ scrollin’ scrollin’...


It’s a short ride, but it’ll be worth it. Pinky promise.


Who wants popcorn? Feast your ears on this

The lights dim. A hush descends on a packed theater. And as the music begins, anticipation floods the room. 


Ah, the magic of movies – gets me every time. Always has done, always will. 


Your clients are no different. Except…


Their attention is short. BAM! You gotta hook ’em fast. Real fast. Then reel them in. 


Which is why you need to work with someone who can tell a darn good story. Someone who can create a new world. Make an impact. Move your audience to ACTION.


Someone who can bring some movie magic down old Tech Town way.


That’s where we come in. Me and my team. Your new creative partners.

Why partners? Because Robin only laughs if Batman’s jokes are funny


The videos we make aren’t products. Each one is unique, built from the ground up, tailor-made for your needs. 


Whatever your project’s budget, we take a blank canvas and fill it with the most beautiful colors. And love. 


Customers buy a product. Partners go on a journey.


And as much as we like getting a ton of work (who doesn’t?), if there’s no meeting of minds, the creative process is just not going to work.


Why partners?


Because we see value in partnership. Video-making is a two-way creative process. And awesome creativity is born out of love and respect for each other. 


Work with us on a project. If we’re a good match, believe me, you’ll have a partner for life.

Who am I? We said partners, so let’s go a bit deeper

I’m Amit Schwachter and I’ve been working in the post-production world for over 12 years – the first seven of those working in-house, including at the biggest studio in Israel. 


I’ve worked on hundreds of different projects: from TV series and commercials to music clips and corporate vids. 


An animator at the start, I’m a movie Director and Producer at heart. 


Specializing in? Making you awesome videos.


I lead a team of talented professionals, each one of them handpicked for each unique project. Whatever your budget, we’ll give you the best result. Pinky promise (my other hand).


One-stop shop for your project? Yes siree, Bob!


One-man band? No way, José.


Why make it awesome? ’Cause nice is for LOSERS


Good things come in threes. Awesome things too. Here are three ways we can help you.


1. Think you don’t have the budget to make an awesome video? Think again. Give us a brief and a budget and we’ll produce an awesome result.


2. Need your video quickly? We work fast. And always hit our deadlines.


3. Looking for experienced moviemakers? To become the best you first need to learn from the best. That’s what we’ve done, working on hundreds of projects. With big studios and production companies. For big-name clients.


For us, working with a new client isn’t a new job. It’s a first date with the chance of marriage. We want to find out all about you. What makes you special. What makes you unique. What makes you … you. 


Do we bring a shedload of creative ideas and energy to the party? Hell yeah, we do!


And we’ll work hard *Jean-Claude Van Damme hard* to lay the foundations for a successful relationship. A partnership that blossoms. That makes our future projects easy and... well, you know the score. 

OK, let’s talk business

Every morning, we leap out of bed looking for new challenges and exciting projects. That’s why tech companies and startups are our perfect partners. We have lots in common. 


Whatever your budget, whatever your deadline, we can help your tech company/startup with:


  • Commercials

  • Promotional Videos

  • Crowdfunding/Recruitment Videos

  • Brand Videos

  • ‘How cool are we!’ Videos (very)

  • And much, much more


Look, we get it. It can take time to trust a new partner. But trust starts with a conversation.


So get in touch. Discover how our movies can move your audience to action. 

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